Go back to your roots!

The graves of your ancestors are haunted by Evil Coots, and you must protect them... By digging up their ancient powers and defeating the coots!

In Indiana Bones and the Coot of All Evil, you play as the brave carrot Indiana Bones, and digging up your ancestors empowers your shovel to defeat your enemies. But beware, as different types of Evil Coots will attempt to put you in an early grave!

This game was made during the Global Game Jam of 2023, by:

Kevin van As: Design
Maan van der Meer: Art
Lennart Kuyvenhoven: Development
Thomas van Rossum: Development
Tim van den Boomen: Music
Josien Vos: Art


IndianaBones_Windows_v1_2.zip 84 MB


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The best game manking has ever faced. I am ROOT-ing for this artist : D

Love the art, love the music, very polished! Great job gang!

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This game is so cool!

That boss is amazing!

That was great! I made it to level 4 and the my jaw dropped at seeing the boss!
Didn't survive but came so close.